Selectra Telecom

October 1, 2023
Web Application



Automatise Data collection of a comparison engine and implement an API to use it as a Single Source of Truth.

Tools & Technologies

Laravel, LLM, Cloudflare


Selectra Telecom is undertaking a transformative project to develop a cutting-edge web application using Laravel, aimed at revolutionizing its data collection and comparison services. The cornerstone of this initiative is the automation of data collection through the integration of a Large Language Model (LLM). The LLM will intelligently gather and process vast amounts of data from diverse sources, ensuring that the comparison engine is continuously updated with accurate and comprehensive information.

The project's automation aspect is designed to minimize manual intervention, significantly enhancing operational efficiency and reducing the likelihood of errors. By implementing sophisticated workflow automation, Selectra Telecom can streamline its data processing pipeline, allowing for quicker, more reliable data updates.

A key component of the project is the development of a robust API that will act as the Single Source of Truth for all comparison-related data. This API will provide seamless access to the aggregated data, enabling external applications and services to retrieve the most current and precise information. This ensures data consistency and reliability across multiple platforms, enhancing the user experience and trust in Selectra Telecom’s services.

To bolster the performance, security, and reliability of the web application and API, Cloudflare will be employed. Cloudflare's suite of tools will protect the application from cyber threats, ensure fast load times, and provide a resilient infrastructure capable of handling high traffic volumes